The simplest Content Management System is you.


is a to-the-point, simplest of them all, site management system that focuses on keeping the environment sane while you do the managing.

It will take care of:

See my wishlist for a rambling on features.

The catch

is that you really have to manage your content yourself! There are no forum-, blog-, news-, gallery-, or other kind of plugins that will ease your work. You get a template and get to write your own HTML. Yay!


would I want this?

If you are in a need to put a bunch of "static" web pages online, but hate the idea of re-doing them all when ever you need a small change in design, if you want to have complete control over your content and don't mind missing the dynamic content or if you simply want something simple for a change, then you don't even need to ask.

You have have found your Content Management System.

The status of the project

is in pre-alpha.

(meaning: we are working on it, but there are no public releases yet)


...are not definitive yet. But here are a few sneak previews from our working draft: